Vip dating Billund

If arriving by car, use the airport parking facilities. - The eastside houses at the entrance self-service check-in kiosks for check-in rows B/A & DC (with British Airways/Sun Air & Turkish Airline counters) - leading to security check and departure hall with access to the gates.

Suffice it to say it was a brilliantly-organized three days that gave us insights into every aspect of LEGO.There were no lines, so we went on several rides over and over. We were able to go back to the very first sets, see (and hold) the initial Star Wars and architecture sets, see the product lines that have come and gone, and drool over all of the sets that simply don’t exist anymore, even on the collector market.From there we went back to the LEGOLAND Hotel and met with several LEGO designers who told us about how they came to work for LEGO, showed us the sets that they’ve designed, and even showed us sets that haven’t been released yet. They then led us into a building challenge where everyone was split up into teams.We arrived to find large packets of information waiting for us, in addition to multiple gifts and two season passes to LEGOLAND Billund with our photos on them. There were also two bags of LEGO bricks and a building challenge – the first of many building challenges throughout the week.As there were no official activities on the arrival day, off to LEGOLAND we went.

Vip dating Billund

It was a great chance to get to know others on the tour.After dinner, there was yet another building challenge.We also had a quiz on LEGO trivia and a very fun unexpected activity that was one of my son’s highlights.I’m not going to say exactly what it was, but let’s just say that we now have a lot of new minifigures at our house. Next up was a trip to the LEGO employee shop, where we were able to purchase LEGO sets and products at the employee discount. I think we bought 15 or so new sets that are now being shipped to our house.It was extremely impressive how much thought they put into the details, especially because only 140 people a year get to see those details.

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