Singlespeed erfurt

„Fe O2“ is a unique piece, beautiful and with a balanced elegance. colour: rost (rostcolour on steel) price: 1.290.- € size: 50 cm / 53 cm / other sizes please request shippingcosts: nat.

The frameset and welding work is made with love – sometimes I’m staring Viks on the wall for hours.As a student I waited for 2 years to save enough money to afford this bike. Is there something encouraging you want to say to people who are about to have their Viks bike but still are in some sort of doubts?We talked about riding characteristics and attention, are there something else you want to point out?Chris, tell us a bit on who you are and what you do? I´m a student at University of Applied Sciences and my major is logistic and trade.My bachelor’s degree is nearly done and at the moment I’m and intern at Daimler AG engine plant.

Singlespeed erfurt

Dieses Material bietet beste Voraussetzungen für ein ausgewogenes Verhältnis zwischen Belastbarkeit, Komfort, Langlebigkeit, Gewicht und Preis. Unsere Pedale verfügen über langlebige Industrielager. Die Custom SKS Schutzbleche haben Edelstahlstreben und extra lange Spoiler.INTEC Stahl-Rahmen werden in Europa produziert, in Deutschland pulverbeschichtet und dekoriert. Verbaute Lichtkomponenten sind vom Hersteller Busch & Müller, Lichtkabel werden intern im Rahmen verlegt. Sämtliche Laufräder rollen auf Schwalbe oder Continental Reifen.Dadurch erreichen wir eine hohe Verarbeitungsqualität und kurze Lieferzeiten. Außerdem verwenden wir hochwertige Edelstahl Schalt- und Bremszüge. Singlespeed erfurt-32Singlespeed erfurt-73 Bei der Auswahl der Komponenten sind wir bestrebt, auf Produkte deutscher oder europäischer Hersteller zurückzugreifen.When thinking about Germans, first words that might come to your mind are: efficiency, disciplined, punctual, traditional, order, practical. When sensible rules over emotions, it is not easy to explain why one has to buy a bicycle that may not be the most practical out there and stands above what we call mediocrity. But times are changing and people understand “the thing” behind design bikes more and more. We are really proud to have Nico and his Auftragsrad as a partner in this journey of changing the paradigm of cycling. But now, please meet Chris who carried his dream with him 2 long years before it was able for him to step on board of Vikslife.

Kristo did the interview with the owner of Viks RAWflective.That’s a feeling I´d like to share with not-yet-viks-owners!If you liked this story, we are really thankful if you share it. Also make sure, you are following us on Instagram and like us on Facebook.First of all – it’s a wonderful design item, a nice furniture when in your living room.To have a special bike like this in your home makes the whole apartment magical.

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