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In the course of Berlin's 2001 administrative reform it was merged with the former borough of Wilmersdorf becoming a part of a new borough called Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf.

Later, in 2004, the new borough's districts were rearranged, dividing the former borough of Charlottenburg into the localities of Charlottenburg proper, Westend and Charlottenburg-Nord.

The Swedish master builder Johann Friedrich Eosander supervised this work.

Sophie Charlotte died in February 1705; shortly afterwards the settlement facing the palace was called Charlottenburg - the palace itself became Schloss Charlottenburg - and chartered as a town on April 5, 1705.

After he had crowned himself Frederick I, King in Prussia, the Lützenburg castle was extended into a stately building with a cour d'honneur.This article is about the locality within Berlin's Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf borough. gratis netdating Aalborgdate side København For the adjacent locality of Charlottenburg-Nord, see Charlottenburg-Nord.For the former quarter of Königsberg, see Lermontovo Microdistrict.For the village in Timiş County, Romania, see Bogda.) is an affluent locality of Berlin within the borough of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf.

Singlespeed berlin charlottenburg

When Frederick II died in 1786, his nephew Frederick William II succeeded him, and Charlottenburg became the favourite royal residence, and remained so for his son and successor Frederick William III (reigned 1797-1840).After the defeat of the Prussian army at Jena in 1806, the French occupied Berlin.Established as a town in 1705 and named after late Sophia Charlotte of Hanover, Queen consort of Prussia, it is best known for Charlottenburg Palace, the largest surviving royal palace in Berlin, and the adjacent museums. Singlespeed berlin charlottenburg-9 Charlottenburg was an independent city to the west of Berlin until 1920 when it was incorporated into "Groß-Berlin" (Greater Berlin) and transformed into a borough.Between 17 Georg Wenzeslaus von Knobelsdorff built the eastern New Wing as Frederick's residence.

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