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If you reserve one, nothing stands in the way of a relaxing evening drinking cocktails and listening to lounge music. There is regular live jazz music from October to April. In a dignified atmosphere, the experienced bartender creates great cocktails and long drinks, with accompanying music ranging from house to jazz. Guests enjoy on three floors a giant selection of cocktails and long drinks.

German national league and Champions League soccer games are screened on Sky.

secret dating Köln

The big beds in the basement are the icing on the cake. 0 163/5 05 05 89, For more than 20 years Kölsch beer, cider, wine and other nice drinks have been served in this traditional bar, accompanied by savory crêpes or sweet crêpes for dessert. 24 69 14, Bar Fiffi Bar has found a new home in southern Cologne but the decorative pictures of four-legged friends moved too and the pooches still watch the lively goings-on of the regulars from the walls, shelves or from the drinks menu, which includes cocktails named after comic book hounds like Rantanplan and Snowy or breeds such as Dalmatians. 2 61 71 32, Bar Traditonal bar culture is still enjoyed in the new In the new Friesen Bar. 0 171/­414 08 02, Yet another stylish bar has opened in north Cologne.The excellent toasted sandwiches and the aroma of fresh coffee attract a varied crowd from students to housewives. The crowning glory is two life-sized figures called Tünnes and Schäl who play the accordion and sousaphone tuba, a spectacle that you shouldn’t miss. 2 58 21 32, Bar & Lounge This bar in the heart of the Marriott Hotel glitters, thanks to modern lighting effects, in the most dazzling colors. sie sucht ihn kleinanzeigen kostenlos Stuttgart It offers a fabulous setting for a stylish evening while enjoying refreshing cocktails and snacks. 94 22 20, One Amid 1970s-style retro rugs cocktails and other drinks are served here non stop with very quick and professional service. 9 90 16 98, The bar’s name means “apparently’’ and its appearance is not deceptive.As well as breakfasts and various cakes, hot meals are served. 24 48 97, Franck/Shibuya Lounge Café Franck shows its quiet side during the week, serving customers richly varied breakfasts, aromatic coffee and delicious cakes. 7 16 72 10, Rico Chic but very friendly café that’s a tempting lunchtime spot with its rich variety of cakes, tarts and different snacks. 2 40 53 64, Reichard This traditional café beneath Cologne Cathedral has been one of the city’s best places for coffee and sweet treats for over 150 years. Especially popular are the Pevetes sandwiches, made from small baguettes with steak and egg inside or as a vegetarian option. You can enjoy the food and drink here to your heart’s content without a bad conscience because fair trade coffee is served and the milk and eggs come from local organic farms. You can enjoy coffee and cake in peace and quiet well away from the hectic pace and stress of daily life.There are three different coffee blends from which tasty variations are such as Kaffee Fleur, which contains rum, cinnamon and a shot of alcohol. At weekends the tame coffee house transforms into the Shibuya Lounge, where Cologne’s night owls rule the roost, dancing until the early morning to house and soul music. People with special dietary needs don’t have to miss out because there are gluten-free cakes, lactose-free milk and fruit preserves for diabetics. Tarts and creative cakes as well as the finest pralines will tempt you to come back again and again. 16 95 54 06, Sehnsucht This cozy café with a cute tile oven serves home-made cakes made from organic ingredients. One of the best places in Cologne to experience coffee house life from former times. 23 16 25, Despite the name you can get coffee, a large breakfast, as well as lots of different international snacks here at reasonable prices. 16 87 52 70, Trendy, chic café, which is an inviting place to hang out in, if only for the bright blue and white colored interior.

Secret dating Köln

Altstadt-Nord, Neustadt-Nord, Brüsseler Platz 9, Tel. 51 79 70Harry´s New York Bar Cocktails and other alcoholic delights are served here in proper style from behind a 16 m long bar, accompanied by regularly changing live music. 2 80 60, Müller The world is in order in the heart of Cologne’s archetypal Severinsviertel, or as locals call it the “Vrings­veedel.’’ That’s especially true for this quiet and friendly bar-restaurant, which creates a feeling of well-being with its cozy terrace shaded by a large sycamore tree. 8 28 12 34, If you want a cozy place to meet friends for a drink.All this makes it a great place for lovers of classy bars. Lizbät, which is the “little sister’’ of Engelbät, is the right location.Of course you can also get a regular coffee in the morning as well as special coffees such as Chai Latte and Latte Macchiato. Croissants, quiches and cakes are made in an unhurried manner on the premises.During warm summer months a spacious terrace attracts customers to enjoy the food and drink served here – that’s when a fresh Belgian beer tastes espcially good. 1 20 88 88Café Fleur Café that’s especially popular with students. 52 83 47, Sur This café’s atmosphere and menu are inspired by the owners’s Argentinian roots. 34 43 22Café Vreiheit Very popular place well known for its generous breakfasts. 9 91 77 93, Wahlen A traditional café that takes customers back in time with its 1950s furnishings, chandelier and carpets.Inside there are comfy leather bench chairs and the lighting is subdued. 9 32 10 86, Sovietbar This “little sister’’ to the Hotelux Soviet’s main bar has been well known for its excellent and varied choice of top quality vodkas for 20 years. In the cozy bar decorated in various shades of red, Astra beer is served from the barrel and soccer games played by Hamburg’s St. In summer, it has a beer garden right by the Rhine.

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