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In the political sphere, the program put forward demands aimed at securing and increasing democratic freedoms.

It called for the introduction of a democratic electoral system, self-government for the people, equal rights for women, and unlimited freedom of assembly and association; it also stated that questions of war and peace should be decided by representatives of the people.

PROGRAMM WILL BE UPDATED SOON The program consists of: Childcare can be provided.

kostenloser flirt chat erfurt program

The Class Struggle was translated into sixteen languages before 1914 and became the accepted popular summation of Marxist theory. We are looking forward to seeing you in our beautiful baroque city.Join us in 2018 and enjoy an unforgettable winter interim together with students from around the globe.The program pointed out that loyalty to the principles of proletarian internationalism was one of the most important conditions for the success of the German working-class movement. The minimum program elucidated the goals for which the working class had to struggle in a bourgeois society.

Kostenloser flirt chat erfurt program

Formulated under the political guidance of Eduard Bernstein, August Bebel, and Karl Kautsky, it superseded the earlier Gotha Program.The program declared the imminent death of capitalism and the necessity of socialist ownership of the means of production.Karl Kautsky also wrote the official SPD commentary on the program in 1892, which was called The Class Struggle.The simplified Marxism exemplified by The Class Struggle is sometimes referred to as 'vulgar Marxism' or the 'Marxism of the Second International'.In the area of social policy, the program demanded the introduction of free medical services and a progressive income tax; in addition, it called for effective national and international legislation to protect the worker by instituting an eight-hour workday, prohibiting the hiring of children below the age of 14, and reforming the social insurance system.

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