Kamenashi kazuya dating 2015

He should train his voice more and he will be perfect. He have a great voice and the best actor in world... Kami no Shizuku,nobuta wo produce, Yamato nadeshiko,1 pound gospel,second love, Yamaneko,joker game,and kindaichi, I'll watch Bem one of these days. When I watch kame-sama as Bem, I almost scream at how cool his act. Though my fave character Kame ever done so far is Yamaneko. I hope more dramas to come for him, especially now that KAT-TUN's down to three members. I even wished japan would do a drama version for this. I grew up and forgot my infatuation with kyouhei takano (the manga).

Then I watch gokusen the movie,and I started watching all other programs that starred Kame. He's great and handsome also a really good actor :) wish someday I could thank him somehow for a very important lesson his acting in that drama taught me I died at the first episode of Second Love. Everybody loved Nobuta wo Produce and Yamato Nadeshiko. I've been actually dreaming of meeting kyouhei in person though he's only a manga character.

my one and only love kamenashi kazuya,i will always support you! As a singer and dancer, well, I normally hate cheesy but Kame-chan is an exception because with him cheesy becomes cute and funny... I am Kame's fans and I really admire him, not just because his cute and cool face but his kindheart and his worked-hard, really inspired me!! Good luck for all the things you do, Kame chan^____^ Aishiteru Kame!! but my feeling has change about him in fact i am head over heals falling in love after watching him in tatta hitotsu no koi ...I can't wait for his P&JK movie it looks promising! He's supposed to be the most handsome boy in the drama but he is not." I was like that for the first 10 minutes. I've watched all of his dramas not just once or twice but several times already and still watching them. suche fickdate Remscheid and I ship him with Tao Tsuchiya despite being young she seem to have the best chemistry with him out of all his female co-stars basing on the trailer ! But after that i already admitted to myself that he is the most beautiful guy i had ever laid my eyes on. Right now i'm watching tokyo bandwagon and yamanade. I am proud to say that i am one of those who love and adore him. I admire the fact that he portrays characters who face conflicts within themselves. He works hard and he loves to work (he's a workaholic) which makes my heart goes doki doki (heartbeats) even more. They're Beautiful...' says i wish you would tour not just in Australia but have a mega tour worldwide..... It’s rumored that the two originally started causing attention after Yamapi attended a party held at Satomi’s place back in May.What makes this rumored relationship interesting is that both Yamapi and Satomi have been billed as “Co-star killers” by some tabloids, having been romantically linked to many of their previous co-stars.

Kamenashi kazuya dating 2015

Most recently Satomi was linked to J SOUL BROTHERS member Takanori Iwata, who both starred in the 2014 Fuji television series “Dear Sister”.They were spotted together at a restaurant famous for affluent customers wanting to be discreet, staying well into the night.KAT-TUN’s Kazuya Kamenashi will be starring in his first romantic movie “P to JK” (Police & Joshi Kousei). Kamenashi kazuya dating 2015-45 The live action adaptation will be released in spring next year. This is also the first time for both actors to work together. Well, it will be more pleasure watching him in action movie again. Changing from different characters in just a few seconds and to really make a difference between those is really hard and that just shows what an incredible actor he is.

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