Gode dating sider Allerød

They may serve to stimulate thought and research - and the correspondence for the 'Comments' column of this journal.In their investigation of core samples from the Gulf of Mexico, Emiliani et al.(Science 1975,183-88) discovered a section nearly two meters in thickness that yielded radiocarbon ages of about 25,000 years B. The section is overlain by 3.5 metres of sediment deposited in the subsequent period until the present.The section of interest contains samples with increased O-18 concentration in foraminiferal shells, which according to Emiliani et al "may represent an excess of evaporation in the Gulf of Mexico".The upper part of the section revealed "a temporary, drastic decrease in the abundance of Globorotalia Inflata.

It occurred to me as singularly insignificant, somewhat like a treatise on the danger of knitting-needles written during a world war.This was a brief episode of climatic amelioration after the last glaciation.The charcoal made it possible to get a carbon-14 date on the deposit, giving an age of about 10,770 years before the present.I stedet henviser vi til Elgigantens Facebook-side, hvor du kan finde produktnyheder, inspiration, spændende konkurrencer og gode tilbud.Vi vil nu bruge de kommende måneder på at bygge de 10 butikker om, så de bliver flotte, friske og up-to-date.

Gode dating sider Allerød

This fits all over Europe and correlated remarkably well with the Two Creeks horizon of the same kind around the Great Lakes in North America." Neither Emiliani et al nor Ager specify why they adopted a more conventional (uniformitarian) hypothesis in preference to a catastrophist one which assumes a very short episode of high temperature and a universal conflagration.The fact that I stumble over such passages without looking for them makes me wonder whether many more possible indications of fiery conflagrations in the geological recent past are being explained away in the conventional literature? I think that the basic point I made in my 1975 paper in SCIENCE was not the behavior of Globorotalia inflata but the huge ice melting that took place about 11,600 years ago.It is more likely, however, that it represents a short period of dry climate when there were frequent brush fires.The snail fauna suggests the same thing and enabled the bed to be correlated with the Alleroed oscillation of Denmark and northern Europe generally.From careful work on the snail faunas of the chalk sludge from one of these (the Devil's Kneading Trough in Kent) Dr Michael Kerney showed that the erosion must have happened in a very short time indeed.

Within the sludge there is a clear black horizon, only an inch or so thick, which has now been recognised all over southern Britain. Endelig kan man besøge Romantica I Havdrup og afprøve deres kneppemaskine. Samme dag afholdes der en paraften i Tucan Club og på Swingergaarden. april afholdes der nøgenaften i Joys og der gøres plads til olieleg på Swingergaarden. Flere klubber afholder bunny events og har længere åbent i anledning af de ekstra fridage. FONAcare Mediaforsikring skal ske via Securator A/S på tlf. Hvis du har tegnet FONA Serviceforsikring eller FONA X-tra Serviceforsikring inden d. marts 2013 skal du anmelde skaden til IF via dette website her.Hvis du har tegnet FONAcare Serviceforsikring eller FONAcare X-tra serviceforsikring efter d. marts 2013 kan du anmelde skader her eller til Securator A/S på tlf. Som du måske har læst eller set i medierne, har vi i Elgiganten valgt at overtage 10 af Fonas butikker rundt om i landet.

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