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The Test AS is an internationally recognised examination of the Test Da F-Institut, conducted in a standardised manner worldwide, which tests the ability of foreign higher education applicants to study at German universities.It is aimed at prospective international students wanting to apply for first-degree level studies at a German institution of higher education.

Additionally, you find out the status of your application by entering your application number and password.Applicant Number and Password Once you have filled out the online form, you will automatically receive an application number and password.Make a note of these numbers or print the page out.More detailed information on the test format and grading can be found on the Test AS website.The Test AS is marked centrally by the Test Da F Institute, a process which takes about 4 weeks.

Dating portale vergleich Aachen

If this deadline falls on a Sunday, federal holiday, or Saturday, the deadline falls on the corresponding day and is not extended to the end of the next business day.Missing documents can be submitted till midnight on January 20, 2017.Particularities for Teacher Training Courses of Study (particularly for vocational school teachers): If you are applying for a teacher training course of study, the subject “Educational Sciences” (Bildungswissenschaften) will automatically be added to your application. dating portale vergleich Aachen-42dating portale vergleich Aachen-19 Even though “Bildungswissenschaften” appears as an NC-free subject in the subject list, it is not possible to directly choose it and proceed with the application. Please note that in the teacher training courses of study for vocational school teachers, not every subject can be combined with every other subject.The Bachelor course of study for vocational school teacher training typically lasts six semesters, with 180 credit points and encompasses Course of Study Model I A one month orientation school internships and an at least four week school or extra-school career field internship are part of the educational studies segment.

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Application Deadline July 15, 2017 (applies to previous and new school graduates) The information sheet, provided online, and a signed copy of this application must have been received by RWTH Aachen by this deadline at midnight.Afterwards you can directly apply through our online portal.Online application portal for the 2017/18 winter semester will open on May 8, 2017.Caution: We expect a very high number of applications this year.For this reason, we cannot guarantee that the status of your application will be immediately updated.

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