Datesider Brøndby

In 1990, Brøndby hired former national team captain Morten Olsen as coach, and under his reign, the 1990–91 UEFA Cup became the high point in the short history of the club.

Especially the meriting wins over German sides Eintracht Frankfurt and Bayer Leverkusen, and Russian club Torpedo Moscow saw the many Danish profiles shine, and the club was minutes from qualifying for the final game of the tournament.

The club, founded in 1964 as a merger between two local Brøndby clubs, has won ten national Danish football championship titles and six national Danish Cups, since the club joined the Danish top-flight football league in 1981. Brøndby IF was founded in 1964 as an amateur club in the 6th tier of the 11 Danish leagues, the Serie 1, where they finished their two first seasons in fourth place.

Among the players of the early years was team captain Per Bjerregaard, a doctor who had moved to Copenhagen from Jutland, and Hans Gregersen, who was the mascot of the team until his death by syphilis in 1967.

datesider Brøndby

He was subsequently called up for the Denmark national team, and on 15 June 1982 he became the first Brøndby player to win a cap for the national team.Per Bjerregaard persuaded Finn Laudrup into returning to Brøndby in 1981 on a professional contract, and following a season of 85 goals in 30 games, Brøndby won promotion to the top-flight 1st Division under coach Tom Køhlert.Finn Laudrup subsequently ended his career at age 36, but in his place Michael Laudrup returned for the 1982 season, being one of ten players leaving KB that year.In 1973, Per Bjerregaard stopped his active career at 27 years of age and became chairman of Brøndby; his first action was to sack head coach Sinding.In his place, Brøndby hired former professional and Denmark national team player Finn Laudrup, who took over as head coach while he still took actively part in the games as a player.

Datesider Brøndby

| Ta' med på pokal-busturen til Randers Skærtorsdag! In January 2012 Christian Nørgaard made a €400K transfer from the Danish side Lyngby BK and signed a three-and-half-year-contract with the German giants Hamburger SV which tied him to the club until the summer 2015.) is a Danish football club based in Brøndbyvester, Brøndby, on the western outskirts of Copenhagen.The club is also known as Brøndbyernes Idrætsforening, or Brøndby and BIF for short. Copenhagen in 1992 (a merger between KB anno 1876 and B.1903 anno 1903), the two clubs have had a fierce rivalry, and the Derby between the two sides called the "New Firm", attracts the biggest crowds in Danish football.Laudrup joined his brother-in-law Ebbe Skovdahl in the Brøndby team, and he brought his two young sons Brian and Michael Laudrup with him to the club.

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